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The Lizard and Mermaid Pose Will do You Much Good

Yoga,an Eastern practice,has increasingly gained acceptance in the west where many see it as a process that results in serenity, inner peace,and well being. According to Yoga in America Study,there were 36.7 million people in the United States who were practicing Yoga in 2016.

There must be good reasons why a whopping 16 billion U.S Dollars was spent on Yoga lessons,gear,and equipment in 2016. Improved brain function is one of the key benefits that Yoga offers-the University of Illinois conducted a study to investigate how participants’ brains performed after Yoga and then after aerobic exercises;to their surprise,the group was noted to have performed significantly better on the brain function tests after Yoga than after aerobic exercises.

People who suffer mild to moderate hypertension might greatly benefit from Yoga,as it has the advantage of lowering blood pressure better than other methods such as walking,nutrition or weight counseling,according to a 2012 study carried out at the University of Pennsylvania.

Another great benefit of Yoga is that it has a greater ability to bring chronic lower back pain relief than regular medical treatment;this is according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Yoga is all about a healthier lifestyle and has the ability to lower high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar,all of which are predisposing factors to cardiovascular ailments,according to some publications from Harvard University. Yoga practice involves the uniting of body,mind and spirit to bring about peace and serenity to the yogi.

You sure want to appropriate some of the above mentioned yoga benefits but don’t have a clue where to start;if that is you,there are some good and instructive Yoga videos that are accessible online.

You will need to buy the right gear and equipment and these are available online or at sporting goods stores and yoga studios.

A typical yoga work out involves different poses that are well balanced out by counter poses.

Some of the poses you may expect to learn are the lizard and the mermaid poses.

Another name for the lizard pose is Utthan pristhasana. It stretches the groin region,opens hips,the hamstrings and hip flexors and also strengthens the legs preparing;it prepares the body for deeper hip openers. This is some sort of “stretch the back of your body” pose,as its very name Utthan pristhasana suggests.

The Mermaid pose,a modification of the pigeon pose,is another pose you will learn about in your yoga practice. Like the lizard pose,the mermaid pose is a hip opening pose which also involves a back bend. It is an advanced pose that strengthens the core,stretches your quadriceps and hip flexors and may not be something you want to do at home without instruction.

Yoga may be something you want to try out and you could even do it from the comfort of your home,however,you may need to work with a yoga teacher in relation to the lizard and the mermaid pose.

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