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All About Alkaline Ionized Water Typical body PH level is somewhat alkaline, but only to a minimal extent. However, due to poor diets filled with acid producing foods our bodies are under the risk of acidosis. Acidic PH levels in our bodies affect our bodies negatively by decreasing cell functionality, and this causes diseases. Researches conducted show that diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity can be connected to the PH levels in our bodies. Improving a diet or drinking alkaline ionized water helps to balance our PH levels. Drinking the alkaline water is more effective because minerals in water are absorbed faster than minerals in food. Most drinking water has been tested to produce a PH level of 6, which is on o the acidic side. To improve the PH level to a 7 which is what is optimum, a machine called an Alkalized water ionizer or Alkaline water machine is used. It is a water treatment machine that increases antioxidants in water. The water processed through this machine is free of impurities and is doing wonders to our bodies towards improving our health. The ionizing chamber of a water ionizer machine has diodes and ionizing plates that move an electronic on water as it filters through. The chamber initiates the transformation of regular water’s molecules. The current in the ionizing chamber is responsible for making the water either positively or negatively charged. Negatively charged water acquires basic properties from the electronic charge it’s subjected to in the ionizing chamber. As a result of ionization, positively charged water acquires acidic properties. The ionization chamber separates the water and dispenses it through respective outlets.
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Through ionization, water acquires the new structure similar to that of water found in healing springs around the world thus its healing properties. Body PH levels can be reinstated by alkalized water once we consume it. Balancing a body’s PH level gives the body optimum conditions to operate and this increases our energy levels and slows down aging. Body illnesses, minor or chronic, can be eliminated by neutralizing the acidity in our bodies through alkaline water. Those with obesity can benefit from alkaline water consumption as it is quickly dissolved into the body helping in weight reduction.
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Alkaline ionized water has stronger antioxidants than vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene and selenium. Alkaline water cleans up the body system, making it rejuvenated. Alkaline water has a lot of oxygen that improves our body functions including our brain processes once it gets into circulation. Alkaline water improves the flavor in drinks like tea and coffee. Vegetables simmered in alkaline water maintain their natural texture and color while rice and oats boiled in it become fluffier.

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