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Possible Misconceptions and Myth about Donating Eggs

When it comes to planning on donating eggs, chances are that you have considered telling your immediate family about it and may possibly have heard quite a number of contradictions here and there. In a sense, egg donations is something that has undergone a series of tests and whatnot just so it will be proved to be safe.

Just so you will help educate yourself about donating eggs, then the factors we will be talking about along should help and guide you in a way. Included in this article will also be common misconceptions that people have about donating eggs.

There really are a number of common misconceptions that people may have heard about this procedure and one of which include being a painful process. Before anything else, a donor who passed screening will then be injected with a follicle to stimulate their hormones.

While it is true that these show side-effects that range greatly from headache, cold-like symptoms, as well as upset stomach, these things really are just mild and are not far from being a major threat. The donor will only be mildly sedated and assured there will be no forms of incision involved, and that it usually takes less than 15 minutes, and in some rare cases, will take more than 15 minutes.

Donors even reported only mild side-effects as per the hormones is concerned and nothing really threatening. These mild side-effects can be remedied with OTC drugs or over-the-counter drugs.

It also has been found that there were claims affecting one’s fertility when donating eggs. Women ovulate every month and they are found to release a specific number of eggs on a monthly basis. Those who prefer to donate eggs will donate a month’s worth of their eggs in a sense. Before donating, the donors will take a specific hormone stimulant that will not put their fertility status at risk in any way possible.

It also has been found that donating eggs could lead to health risks revolving around cancer. Due to how it has affected the reputation of egg donation, years of study and research found to claims that will lead to such development.

Like donating a blood, donating eggs or donors will have to pass a specific screening prior actually being approved of donation. Thing is that these donors will have to pass a specific test or that they could meet a specific requirement ranging from having a body mass index or BMI of not lower than 29, in their 20s, is in good mental and physical condition, and that they don’t do drugs or smoke.

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